Our Approach

There is a lot of information surrounding men’s health, what supplements to take, how high your testosterone levels should be, etc...Our goal is to clarify and simplify answers to all your questions. We start with an initial consultation to talk about what is bothering you, draw some blood to make sure we aren’t missing anything, identify your goals for treatment, and create a plan together that is sustainable for your lifestyle.


Our Staff

At Atlas, proper educational backgrounds are important to us. Our counselors, trainers, doctors, and staff have a variety of accreditations ranging from obesity medicine to emergency care. Utilizing our range of skills is what makes us unique and able to quickly identify the best course of action for each patient. We are always exploring and researching new treatment information to ensure we are providing the most up to date care.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team


Erik Evensen

Doctor, DO

Dr. Erik Evensen earned his medical degree at Midwestern University in Arizona and finished a 4 year residency in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Evensen became interested in Obesity Medicine 10 years ago and completed his board certification through the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2011. He has a specialized interest in Mens Health and clinical trials related to Obesity and its co-morbid diseases.


Dana Trippi

Doctor, DO

Dr Trippi earned her Medical Degree at Kansas City University of Medicine and BioSciences. Working in Emergency Medicine fueled Dr. Trippi’s passion for gender-specific health issues and Obesity Medicine, driving her to complete her board certification through the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2009 and open two successful clinics in the Las Vegas area dedicated to each issue.


Jonathan Tyler

PA - C

Jonathan is a Physician’s Assistant with over 11 years’ experience in Emergency Medicine, Obesity Care, and Gender Specific Health issues. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, and Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from The University of Washington. Jonathan is a partner in Atlas Men’s Health Institute and co-founder of Elle Wellness for Women.

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