Why Don’t You Want to Workout at the Gym as Often as You Should?

Generally, the most common reason for hiring a personal trainer to assist in workouts is lack of motivation. However, in 2011 a trio of motivational science researchers found that motivation level was not the biggest factor, CONVENIENCE in relation to daily routine was in fact the largest factor!

Convenience is key and it trumps motivation in completing your daily workouts. It also trumps perceived value and guilt. When it comes to the long-term, convenience will trump anything

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and everything. So if you are not feeling motivated to get to the gym, it is time to change things and make it easier on yourself. If you are signed up for the most popular gym that is a drive away, more than likely you are going to stop going. It is a waste of money if it is not convenient.

Workouts at home can be very convenient. You need to start by setting your alarm to wake up 5 to 10 minutes earlier and just do 5 to 10 minutes of anything. It could be squats, crunches, or planking….anything to start the motivation because lets face it, being home is very convenient. What matters is just getting started, which means set that alarm and get out of bed! If you feel that you are burned out for any reason, ask yourself what would be a fun activity for you. What do you enjoy doing? Maybe try a change of scenery like walking around the block or at a park.

If you plan on working out away from home, keep your exercise equipment in your trunk. This will make it convenient and take less time when you are ready to work out. By making workouts convenient it is easier to complete the workouts and maintain the level of fitness you desire.

Group workouts at home are also a convenient and fun way to workout. You have the equipment ready and your friends bring the motivation.  The most convenient workout in the world is right through your front door.group workout pic

Start thinking in minutes rather than hours. Most individuals think that in order for a workout to be effective, they have to keep it up for an hour. This is not true! Most individuals see their biggest results from workouts that lasted less than an hour. It is most likely that you will see results working out in shorter bursts of dedicated training because you are more likely to do it!

The basic point of all of this is that no workout is perfect, it just matters that you do it. Set that alarm and give it a chance.


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