Weight Loss Medications: Contrave

The Latest Weight Loss for Men in Las Vegas: Contrave


Contrave has been approved by the FDA, and is now available to patients of Atlas Mens Health Institute here in Las Vegas, NV.

Contrave is the latest weight loss drug to come from Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. It has done extremely well in clinical trials, helping participants lose an average of 9.3% of their bodyweight after 56 weeks. More than 29% of participants who took Contrave during the trial lost over 15% of their weight.

How Contrave Helps You Lose Weightcontrave pic 2

Contrave works by helping the hypothalamus control appetite. It combines the benefits of two drugs: wellbutrin and naltrexone. Wellbetrin has been known to promote weight loss, but its effects tend to wear off over time. Naltrexone is included in Contrave’s formula to extend the weight-loss benefits of wellbetrin, helping to ensure long-lasting results.

Possible side effects of Contrave include headaches, nausea, and constipation. However, participants in the clinical trial reported that their quality of life improved with the drug.

Contrave is only available through a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor will be able to help determine if Contrave is right for you—schedule an appointment with Atlas Mens Health Institute today to learn more about this promising new weight loss drug.