Stop Craving Junk Food!

Do you love pizza or ice cream like it is your next breath of air? Would you eat it day and night if it was not for those thousands of calories? Cravings can sometimes last for days and can get pretty intense. Cravings are a part of life. They do not make you weak and it does not mean that you are doing something wrong. Cravings are simply proof that you are a human. There is a simple strategy to dealing with these cravings!

  1. Willpower – The brain power you spend denying yourself a tasty treat is the brain power you could be using to make better food and lifestyle changes. Experimental research has shown that willpower is linked to available glucose. You may be low on willpower because you have low blood sugar. Giving into the craving, just a little, will make it easier to resist and make better food choices in the long run.Willpower pic
  2. Just Do It, It is Harder Not To – Humans are really bad at not doing things. If you tell yourself you cannot have something, you are far more likely to want it. In psychology they call this reactance. If you tell yourself you can have something, even if it is just a little, we feel like the craving is controlling us less. We are more likely to avoid the craving in the future.
  3. Train your Willpower – Giving in a little bit can train your willpower. By having a taste of what we want, we are teaching our brain that what we want is not a depleted resource and that there will be more of that tasty treat in the future. Giving into your cravings every now and then actually improves your ability to resist cravings in the future.


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