symptom-low-testosteroneDecrease in energy level

Have you stopped doing physical activities because you don’t feel you have the energy to do them anymore? Let’s be honest this happens to everyone, but a continuous decline of activity is something to be cautious of.

Your work performance and attitude about daily life can be affected by lack of energy. Simple testosterone therapy can be a fix for this within weeks.

Lack of energy could be because of how you live your life, but it wise to have your testosterone levels checked for a reversible cause of fatigue.

Muscle loss and strength

Testosterone is what builds your muscles or in other words makes men, well men. Whether you work out a lot or a little, a decrease in your strength for simple tasks may become difficult with testosterone loss.

Males can lose 1-2% of their testosterone yearly starting in their 30’s. This loss of testosterone adversely affects your muscle mass, resulting in fatigue and loss of stamina.

Building muscle results in improved stamina and energy. It is important to stay physically active as well. Optimizing your testosterone levels can help build muscle and improve your lifestyle.

libido-las-vegasErectile Dysfunction

Being unable to perform sexually can be very embarrassing and personally destructive to your sex life. Men usually don’t admit erection concerns because of this.

There are many reasons as to why men have weaker erections: obesity, stress, and others. However, low-testosterone could be a factor as well. This does not men you are less “manly” than others. It is easily treatable and something not to be ashamed of. Most men by the age of 40 will have a least one episode of unsatisfactory sexual performance with their partner.

Don’t ignore this symptom if it is continually occurring. Let us help you in first acknowledging the problem and possibly being a candidate for testosterone therapy.

Low libido

If you realize that your need and want for sex start to decrease unexplainably, loss in testosterone may be a concern for this. Libido is a decreased sex-drive, or lack there of.

Not wanting to have sex everyday is normal but weeks or months at a time can affect you and the relationship with your partner greatly. Having sex is healthy and can be cause for a happier life.

Don’t hesitate to consider this a problem or be ashamed. Low libido is treatable and we can help you efficiently find out what the next step is for you.

Brain function

Having difficulty concentrating, or short-term memory is a possible sign of low-testosterone.

You may start finding it hard to perform basic tasks at work or home. Also, forgetting where you put documents or forgetting names can become more consistent.

Cognitive skills are key in our lives. It is how we function. If you have this symptom along with others described you may be considered for testosterone therapy.


Being depressed is something many men have and not even realize it. Everything is normal at home and work but you can’t figure out why you feel so “blue”.

Levels of hormones within the body affect whether some are more susceptible to have depression or not. For example the higher the cortisol level the lower the testosterone level. This low level of testosterone leads to great mood change that you may not realize or can explain.

Using testosterone therapy as a treatment may put the levels of these hormones where they need to be for your body to function properly. You can notice an efficient and affective change overtime that we can provide.