mens-high-blood-pressure-las-vegasWith testosterone replacement therapy, there can be mild side effects. Usually the most common is having rash, or irritation to the skin where the testosterone is given on the body.

There have been hundreds of studies proving testosterone replacement therapy is safe and effective, especially under proper physician supervision. More and more studies are coming out showing the benefits of testosterone therapy in treating and preventing disease.

Thankfully, we have the resources to help you decide what therapy fits best for your situation. Take note that testosterone replacement therapy is not a cure, and you shouldn’t replace this with other therapies to do so. Let our staff sit with you and help you decide if testosterone replacement is right for you.

Improvement and potential for a better life is what we seek after and testosterone therapies have those results. The following are some health problems due to low-testosterone:

  • Heart-related problems
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Osteoporosis/Decrease in muscle mass
  • Reduced life span
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

Heart-Related Concern

There are many people today who have heart troubles that don’t realize it. Whether it is minor heart murmurs, blood pressure, heart attacks, or other issues.

Men with low testosterone levels are in high relation to heart conditions. The heart is the main circulatory organ in the body. Testosterone plays a role in building your red blood cells that is highly needed to survive.

With low-testosterone levels muscles and tissues become weaker. Especially if you are unhealthy, plaque builds up in your arteries and causes clots and strokes.

All these and other heart concerns are elevated by low-testosterone. With our treatment therapy, we can prevent such concerns from accelerating.


Testosterone is a major helper in rebuilding your red blood cells. Anemia is a decreased amount of blood production within the body. In other words, when testosterone levels are low so are your red blood cells.

Usually this can be found by having your blood checked and your energy level decreases. You need blood circulating to your muscles and other organs constantly. When the supply becomes less sufficient, you lose the ability to maintain your energy.

Testosterone therapy doesn’t cure this condition but can help better the reproduction process for your red blood cells.

Erectile Dysfunction

Being unable to perform sexually can be very embarrassing and personally destructive to your sex life. Men usually don’t admit erection concerns because of this.

There are many reasons as to why men have weaker erections: obesity, stress, and others. However, low-testosterone could be a factor as well. This does not men you are less “manly” than others. It is easily treatable and something not to be ashamed of. Most men by the age of 40 will have a least one episode of unsatisfactory sexual performance with their partner.

Don’t ignore this symptom if it is continually occurring. Let us help you in first acknowledging the problem and possibly being a candidate for testosterone therapy.

Osteoporosis and Decrease in Muscle Mass

When we age, our bones and muscles become weaker and decrease in nutrients. The bones can become soft and spongy like, which is known as osteoporosis, while the muscles decrease in mass and strength.

Testosterone is a hormone that helps the bones and muscles function properly. If the body doesn’t have enough testosterone, osteoporosis can form at an earlier age than expected leading to decrease in strength for the body.

Our bones and muscles are what give our body support from simple to difficult tasks. Don’t let low-testosterone take over your body, it is never too late to seek us for help. Let our staff help you in improving your life for the better.

Reduced Life Span

Longevity is something many look forward too. Low-testosterone actually affects our age limit in a negative way. If your testosterone levels aren’t at their proper function you are more susceptible to diseases, which in turn can lead to death.

Since testosterone is involved with the development of our body growth, it is beneficial to make sure its accurate. More importantly, it is a hormone that provides strength and better health, which is why longevity is possible.

Of course testosterone isn’t the only thing that keeps us alive longer, but it does help.

If you think your testosterone levels are low and your longevity is at stake, seek our professional help today. We can provide the proper treatment to give you a prosperous life.


Obesity is a growing epidemic in our nation. It is important to understand why and how it may affect you.

Statistics say that you are twice as likely to have low-testosterone if you are obese and have type-2 diabetes. It is difficult, especially for men, to overcome bad healthy habits such as over-eating or decreasing their physical activity because of work and other responsibilities.

Here at Atlas Mens Health Institute, we offer weight loss programs to break your bad habits and help your testosterone to act efficiently.

We want your life to be at its highest potential and that includes all areas. Let us help you professionally plan a proper treatment for all your health needs. Contact us today for your concerns.

For more beneficial information seek our Weight Loss page to learn about the effects of obesity.


Diabetes is a common problem seen in all ages. Low-testosterone is a symptom of this disease. Since testosterone is a hormone within the blood, it is involved with insulin in regulation of blood sugar.

Using testosterone therapy is able to reduce the symptoms of diabetes helping you reach your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Now, this isn’t a cure to your diabetes by any means. However, the effects are positive results that can help you keep your life on track.