How to Get Stronger Natural Erections

Did you know that there are plenty of natural ways to improve your erection? Who does not want stronger, longer and bigger erections? Here are a few tips to get you there!



  1. Penis Exercises – Sexually active men are usually healthy men! So pay attention to natural ways to boost your sex drive. Kegel exercises are one form of exercise that can help you enhance Banana Picyour PC muscle,  boost testosterone production and even help with stress reduction.
  2. Eat Healthy – There are some simple dietary interventions that can influence your erectile health and libido in a positive way. Bananas, eggs, figs, nuts, onions, chili garlic and wine are
    some food items that can help make your erection bigger and harder. AVOID JUNK and PROCESSED FOOD. Heavy sugar, grease and salt does nothing for overall health and absolutely nothing to help support strong erections.
  3. Do Not Masturbate too Frequently – Save some of that lovemaking! Masturbating too often can cause a lack of sexual desire. Just remember by holding off on the impulse to masturbate, you can have a great night of sexual prowess.
  4. Avoid Both Alcohol Consumption and Smoking – These terrible habits can put a large damper on your sexual life. Alcohol in excess can numb your system and could possibly cause erectile dysfunction. Smoking negatively impacts your blood circulation and results in less capacity of your lungs.
  5. Sex Positions – Choose positions that allow increased blood flow to the penis such as doggy style or missionary. You may want to avoid her on top early in the game!
  6. No Tight Underwear – Tight undergarments can restrict blood flow to the necessary tissue.  This can affect the strength of your erections and your overall performance. Wear loose undergarments, period.

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If for any reason you are still having difficulty with erections after trying these tips, try speaking to a medical professional.  They will address this issue and come up with some options that may be helpful. One of the most common remedies is taking a male enhancement pill. Erection pills offer results in a couple of weeks to months, ranging on the erectile issues. These type of medications enhance libido, energy, stamina, and ejaculatory control is most situations.



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