Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Linked to Skin Cancer? True or False….

Do not throw away those pills just yet! Further research and analysis are needed before making a definitive link as to whether erectile dysfunction drugs have a hand in causing skin cancer.

A new study has recently emerged showing a possible link between popular erectile dysfunction drugs and an increased risk of developing a deadly form of skin cancer.

84% Greater Risk

viagra picThe link comes from a study in JAMA Internal Medicine that followed nearly 26,000 men who had used the medication Viagra at least once since the study began in 2000. The study found that those men had about an 84% greater risk of developing melanoma than men that did not use the medication. Viagra was the only erectile medication studied because at the time the research began, it was the only approved erectile dysfunction medication available. Basically what this comes down to is this study shows that as much as one extra melanoma case for every 1000 men would occur per year.

Melanoma cases are increasing at the greatest rate in men over 50 years old – this just happens to be the very group most likely to be using erectile dysfunction medications.

Proceed With Caution

The study’s authors have stated that the preliminary findings should not yet change the prescription Viagra, but rather the physicians who prescribe Viagra should take the opportunity to exam the patients’ skin and communicate with patients on follow up visits to see if they have noticed any new or changing spots on their skin. The authors also stated that the study

 Not Difinitive

Even though there is NOT a definitive link between Viagra and Melanoma , patients main focus on what is the cause for their erectile dysfunction. Some of the factors that increase the risk or erectile dysfunction are hypertension, obesity, diabetes, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep. Some of these factors can be addressed at Specialty Clinics, like Atlas Mens Health Institute, and issues can be resolved without the prescription of erectile dysfunction medications.

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